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Welcome to Cricket Catcher - The game which tests your fielding abilities. Be the champion and win exciting prizes. Catches win matches and Cricket Catcher allows you to be the fielding super star ...Come up with a wonderful fielding effort to restrict your opposition.... . You may have enjoyed the fun of becoming a batting and bowling hero in our Super Cricket game, Cricket Catcher is different from the big hitting games. Your fielding and catching skills are under test here. Catch the balls from legal deliveries to make your opposition all out. You can enhance your catching abilities by buying a wide range of keeping gloves.

How to Play:- Play Icon will start the game with default gloves. Player needs to move (swipe) the glove and try to catch all the balls in the air. Any fair catch from a legal delivery will dismiss the batsman. Complete 10 catches before the opposition team reaches the target to win a game. You can buy additional gloves which will give you more catching ability. Catches win matches. Visit www.crickettvonline.com for more details or contact us on email: bumblysoft2019@gmail.com

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